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I’m a designer at heart and by broad definition. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked to frame and solve problems through the vehicles of strategy, execution, leadership, and culture to explore humanity through design. It’s who I am and who I’ve spent my career helping others learn they can be too.


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Adam is one of the most thoughtful people I have met and worked with. He is driven by the quest for excellence and believes in the process as much as the end result. He is able to leverage his design thinking in almost all facets of a business and I often found myself asking his sage wisdom when faced with a problem. I would be eager to work with Adam again!
Adam is an amazing UX Researcher. If you want to find out what a user’s true desire is and then map the experience to that desire, you should work with Adam.
I was a design freelancer at CareDox under Adam’s direction. Adam’s easy going personality made it a pleasure to work with him. He gave clear direction and always answered my questions, even when he was busy. He created an environment where it was not only easy and effective to work with him but also with others on the team. He had a clear vision of how to tackle any problem and would consider every detail. Adam’s dedication to his craft and his care for the team makes him one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.
Adam is one of the most passionate, hard-working designers I know. His work is innovative yet consistent, expressive yet functional. A true collaborator and leader, he arrives at solutions thoughtfully and intentionally, challenges the conventional, delivers his best and also empowers others to do the same. He’s an inspiring force on any team, and it’s been an honor working alongside him as we’ve tackled some of healthcare’s most complex problems.



I promise to listen more than I speak. I promise the user will always come first. I promise to assume good intent. I promise to introduce doubt. I promise to grow collective understanding and to prize empathy. I promise to collaborate and to share what I know with others. I promise that design is not just for designers, it’s for everyone.


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About Me


In some ways, I’ve been a designer for as long as I’ve been alive. As a child, I’d watch my parents put post-its on walls and think out ways to solve problems. It was my earliest education in design thinking. It’s been my world ever since.

Over the past 15 years, my journey has taken me to some very different places—always broadening my definition of design and its importance in the world. I’ve met some amazing people, built some incredible teams, and dreamt up some innovative solutions.

I’ve been a graphic designer, an engineer, a creative director, a head of design, a copywriter, a product designer, a product manager, a brand strategist—the pile of hats grows tall. All parts of the same whole in service of the user experience.

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